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When Divorce Meets Performance Art

To close our our first week with the blog, we bring you a more humorous perspective on family law – a “protest” marriage undone in a ceremonious divorce.  I’m not sure I can do the entire specticle any justice, so I’ll provide you an excerpt and encourage you to read the rest for yourself:

Amongst a small group of supporters, the couple officially dissolved the marriage vows taken in protest against the Menil Collection’s planting of a tree from The Art Guys Marry a Plant performance piece, which became the focal point of a row in the Houston arts community about marriage rights and the role of public art.

The tree planting was the second part of The Art Guy’s performance piece in which the artist duo of Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing wed a live oak in a public ceremony in 2009. Britt-Darby felt the work devalued gay marriage, hence the protest marriage and now . . . legal divorce.

To each their own.  I hope everyone has a good weekend, and we’ll see you again with fresh blog posts on Monday morning!